Goal: Daily Dubble Bubble Trubble

Hello Wineaux Friends:

Champagne is KING on New Year’s Eve, but I’d like to reference the notorious Marie Antoinette when I say: “Let them drink Champagne!”  Everyday! Seriously – don’t save Champagne or other sparkling wines just for special occasions. You deserve to drink bubbles whenever you want, even if it’s a Monday night.

In this episode of Name That Wine, Rob at Odd Bacchus and I attempted to identify to delightful sparkling wines blind. Or blind bubble tasting was fun but not exactly on-point, accuracy wise, but still! We always have fun and you should, too. To more bubbles in 2018!

P.S. You don’t have to shell out huge bucks for Champagne – you can shell out tiny bucks for Prosecco or Cava. Good Proseccos and Cavas can be had in the neighborhood of $10.

P.P.S. Someone (who may or may not be me) has been having technical difficulties posting video to this blog, but after many, many tries, success finally came, hence the late date of posting this (as it was originally posted on YouTube on Dec. 28.)



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