Boxing Match! Blind-tasting Boxed Chardonnay

My friend and partner in drinking Rob Frisch and I recently staged a boxing match – boxes of wine, that is. We bought four commonly availably boxed Chardonnays, donned our blindfolds and relied on our skilled production assistant Kate to open the spigots and pour.

Rob and I die laughing every time we taste with blindfolds on, because we literally can barely find the glass, and sometimes not even our own noses and mouths. But most interesting, of course, were the wines. Each of these cost roughly $19-$25 for a three-liter box (which is the equivalent of four standard, 750ml bottles of wine. So if the wine is good, it’s a killer value.

But if the wine sucks, it’s a shitty value! (Weeks after we shot this, there is still one box of wine sitting on my kitchen floor … I can’t even bring myself to give it away.) So have a look and see which one (or two) are worth spending your money on. It is kind of handy to have an always-chilled stash of decent white wine in one’s fridge!


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