A Most Brexellent British Bubbles Experiement

We’re drinking bubbles for Britain in this fresh episode of “Name That Wine”! We were both in London recently, and we’ve had English Fizz on our minds, so when our friends at H2Vino offered up some samples, we had to do it: Champagne vs. British Sparkling!

Now, you know that the whole Brexit thing is just a mess – its driven Prime Minister Theresa May straight out of No. 10 Downing Street for cry eye (probably to the nearest pub for a bottle of fizz) so we figured now was a perfect time to introduce our viewers to this delicious option in sparkling wine: English sparkling wine!

The Brits have been making sparkling wine down south, in Sussex, for a couple of decades now and it’s gotten very good. It’s like Champagne, but has its own personality – kind of like French people and English people are alike, but different (whatever, I don’t even know what that means!)

Anywho – check out our episode and see who is wearing the tiara at the end! God save the Queen, and save some fizz for us! Cheers!

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