Wines for Easter & Passover

Today I was invited to share suggestions for Easter and Passover Wines on WGN-TV’s “Daytime Chicago,” and it was big fun! I always think wine is the “glue” at any holiday table. It makes everything – and everyone – more festive. So consider some of these options as you put your shopping list together. And if you want to watch the segment, you can click here.

Yalumba’s Y Series Viognier for your ham or roast chicken. This wine is a tidal wave of stone fruits awash in a silky texture. It’s fruit forward (but not sweet) and has the chops to cut through rich foods as well as spicy foods. Yalumba is the Viognier pioneer in Australia, having been the first to plant it back in 1980. And? It is $14. Super affordalicious.

Fat Bastard Pinot Noir for your lamb chops or leg of lamb. Named for a reason, this is a juicy, fuller-bodied pinot noir, ripe with red cherries and fresh earth flowing in every sip. Fat Bastard wines hail from Languedoc, a region in the southwest corner of France that is turning out really high quality wines at great prices. This one also is about $14.

Recanati Yasmin White is from Galilee, Israel This crazy kosher blend of 40% Chardonnay and 60% Sauvignon Blanc will make besties with your potato or zucchini latkes (made with Matzo meal). The Chardonnay tames the acid of the Sauv Blanc a little and the wine it is crisp, sunny and delicious! About $19.

Alavida Malbec is from the fine folks at Domaine Bousquet in Mendoza, Argentina. This kosher wine is what you want with brisket – and it has such a good story. The winery had to engage two teams to make this wine: a Jewish team overseen by a rabbi and the winery’s “regular” team. The winemaker, Rodrigo Serrano, could only issue instructions – he could not participate in the winemaking – and he couldn’t even taste the wine! But the rabbi overseeing the process declared this the best kosher wine he’d ever had! This wine is a burst of blackberries and plums balanced out with just a bit of vanilla and and spice. And the name? It means “to life” – or L’chaim – in Spanish. Cool, right? Bonus: it’s also organic! About $19.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, whichever holiday you celebrate. And also? I’m ready for my own show now.

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