Make Rosé Prosecco Your Sip for National Rosé Day

To mark National Rosé Day (always the second Saturday in June) on June 11, I’m popping something new and fun: rosé Prosecco! Bubbles always make things more exciting, and the cuteness factor here is a bonus!

I received a three-pack of 200ml bottles of Ca’ Furlan’s Cuvée Mariana Rosé Prosecco 2021 and, as expected, my head exploded. (If you know me, you know I am endlessly delighted by tiny things, be they mini-bottles of wine or tiny ceramic bowls that hold three olives.)

But I digress. Rosé Prosecco only became a thing in 2021. Until then, it was not allowed by the Consorzio Tutela Prosecco DOC (that’s the governing body of the Prosecco region in Italy) to make rosé wines. But as producers saw the world losing their pinking minds on rosé wines, the Consorzio changed the rules in May 2021. To add the beautiful rosy hue, producers can now add a bit of Pinot Noir to the fun and fizzy wine made from the Glera grape that we know as Prosecco and – ecco! – Rosé Prosecco!

The first rosé Proseccos arrived in the U.S. in 2021 and they were an instant hit. And why not? They are pink, they are affordable and they are delicious. Say it with me: they are affordalicious. And with gas hitting $500 a gallon soon, that’s something we can all get behind, right?

Ca’Furlan is one of Italy’s most prolific Prosecco producers. Owner and winemaker Alessandro Furlan has a passion for creating wines that are well-balanced, food-friendly and fun to drink anytime. In a recent “Wine Spectator” article, he was quoted as saying, “Sparkling wine consumption goes beyond special occasions.” I agree!

These petite pink three-packs are picnic-perfect and will soon – so soon, my friends – be available in more than 16 states (including Illinois) for $11.99. In the meantime, look for the 750 ml bottle. It got 90 points from “Wine & Spirits” magazine and that’s kind of huge. Few Proseccos crack 90 points or higher! I found it on for $13.99.

Here’s what’s happening inside the glass: aromatics of green apple and peach, and strawberries and on the palate, those same fruits zinged up with a bit of lemon zest. It’s gorgeous and easy to drink on its own, and you can pair it with with hard cheeses, charcuterie, grilled veg, big summer salads, pasta with pesto or lemon butter and so much more. It’s super versatile and I love it and I love pink things! Happy National Rosé Day!

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