Amphora Wines are Cool Again!

Amphorae on display at the Redondo Wine Museum in The Alentejo, Portugal

It was about 8,000 years ago the people living along the Black Sea Coast in Georgia started making wines fermented and aged in underground clay vessels — called amphora. Today, amphora wines are seeing a resurgence, and I’ve got a fresh article up on all about amphora wines.

With more amphora wines showing up on wine lists at restaurants and in wine shops, it’s a fun read that I hope inspires you to seek out some amphora wines! See the article here.

If you are in Chicago, head over to Testaccio in Logan Square for some amazing Roman food and a bottle of amphora wine from their “Ancestrale” section of the wine list. (I loved the COS Nero di Lupo Nero d’Avola red from Sicily).

Cin cin!

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