Terroir: What Is It and Can We Taste It?

My friend Rob Frisch and I love blind-tasting wines. Are we two ninja-tasting warriors, killing it every time? Nope. We don’t even get it right half of the time (okay, most of the time!)  But we do it because a) it’s fun and b) you learn a lot by doing it.

So we have a friend who sent us three Pinot Noirs from Youngberg Hill Winery in the Willamette Valley. They were all the same vintage, and all from the same vineyard. The differences: each came from a different vineyard block, slightly different clones of Pinot Noir and the were harvested at different times.

Yipes. We knew this would be tough. Watch us taste and talk and make wild guesses at which is which! And check out Youngberg Hill. They make really elegant Pinot Noirs and make you want to taste some yourself. Thank you, Youngberg Hill, for the samples – you can now count among your fans, even thought we’re kind of a couple of blockheads in this tasting! Cheers!

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