Is it Viognier This Time? We’re Tasting Wines from Maryhill!

Back in October, Rob and I were at the Wine Media Conference in Walla Walla, WA, where we met the delightful Cassie Courtney of Maryhill Winery. Maryhill is located in the Columbia River Valley AVA and they turn out an impressive array of international varietals from Albarino to Viognier and everything in between. When Cassie offered to send us some wines for an episode of our hit show on YouTube called Name That Wine, we said, “of course!”

Cassie took no chances that we could possibly peak at the wines, as she cleverly shipped them tightly wrapped. All we knew was: we’ve got two whites from Maryhill, what the hell are they? Click on the video and see if our tasting skills are all that.

Maryhill is the largest producer of Viognier – a classic Northern Rhône varietals that I happen to adore — in the state of Washington. I am known to bet on Viognier often, when it’s really Chardonnay. All. the. damn time! But this time? I think I’ve nailed it!

Thank you, Cassie and Maryhill for the wines. If you are in the Pacific Northwest, plan an afternoon at Maryhill. It is positively beautiful, smack in the midst of the scenic Columbia Gorge and the property has a perfect patio for sipping and taking in the views.



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