Discover Brazilian Bubbles #WinePW

IMG_2643This month, the #WinePW (Wine Pairing Weekend) blog group is focusing on wines from an unexpected place: Brazil! I was lucky enough to receive a sample of Miolo Brut Rosé Cuvée Tradition. (And I think you know that I like pink everything – lipstick, clothes, accessories and WINE!)

While I’m not able to determine if this particular wine is even available in the U.S., who cares? The important thing to know is this: Brazil is the next discovery zone for sparkling wines. I first encountered Wines of Brazil at VinExpo New York in March. The booth stopped me in my tracks, because wouldn’t you be, like, “Wait. What? Wines from Brazil?

Because South America is home to some awesome wines. Argentina? Malbec all day long. Chile? Carmènere, please! Uruguay? Bring on the Tannat! Each of those countries has an international reputation for excellent wines and a signature grape. But Brazil? Nope. In fact, my Society of Wine Educators book (2015 edition) has a whopping three paragraphs on Brazil. But I tasted and I was impressed. The wines were fresh, balanced – high-quality through and through.

Now, Brazil is finally entering the global wine scene, with stands at VinExpo New York, ProWein in Dusseldorf and they’ve now infiltrated the #WinePW blogger group!

So, a few notes on the Miolo Brut Rosé: It is made in the methode tradtionelle (just like Champagne) and has fine, small bubbles and lots of them. It is 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir. It is more salmon-colored than pink. On the nose, aromatics seem a little muted. On the palate: frothy and fun, with an odd yet appealing combo of fruits, including candied cherries and Mandarin orange, as well as a slight nuttiness and mild salinity. It is from the Vale dos Vinhedos, Brazil’s only DO (Denominazione di Origem), nested within the Serra Gaúcha. Merlot and Chardonnay are the signature grapes of the region, but other grapes are allowed (including Pinot Noir). $18 retail.

Food Pairing: Because the sample came late (like, yesterday), I did not have time to prepare a grand Brazilian feast. However, if I did have time, I would do sauteéd shrimp with garlic and lemon zest, atop a bed of white rice with a bunch of tender herbs mixed in.

While I could go on and on, this clever infographic from the Wines of Brazil website gives a nice snapshot of the country’s wine production. Why not seek out some Brazilian sparkling next time you’re at your wine shop? They are a great value and the quality is impressive!


For more excitement about Wines of Brazil, join the the live Twitter chat – Saturday, Sept. 14th at 10am Central time. Follow hashtag #WinePW; and add that hashtag to any tweets  so we can see it. Here’s what the Wine Pairing Weekend group is sharing…


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